2013 Hair Color Trends

2013 Hair Color Trends

2013 Hair Color Trends

2013 hair color trends have always about beautiful hair tones for nice and sophisticated look. The newest trends cannot be separated with runway trends which are just full of inspiring hair color from the classic to the futuristic ones. Well, though the fact says that each season requires certain hair color but I can say that there is big possibility to rely on just one color which can go through the whole year. Now, keep reading on to find the inspirations.


Black and Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color 2013

Blonde Hair Color

Black and blonde are the two most classic hair colors which are always popular in every year including this year. They represent dazzling vibrant for any skin tones. And do you know that you can mix them together? Yes! This mixture provides glamorous look that brings out the mysterious yet sexy feels. You can color the hair into black and highlight it with blonde. Straight hair will be nice with it.

Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color 2013

Brunette Hair Color

If you ask one natural and long lasting hair color for the whole year, the brunette is the answer. It can be a dark or light brunette, depends on which one you love the most. Enjoy naturally dramatic change once you have this lovely hair color 2013.

Hair Color with Shades

Hair Color Shades 2013

Hair Color Shades

If you love to appear with classic hair color which is far from boring, you may choose the lovely color with shades. This vibrant color can be appeared in any kinds of color combination. For instance, get dark red and highlight it with lighter red shades. It will look great for straight short hair with ponytails. There is also blonde mixed with brown. It will be great for summer and will still be fabulous for winter.

Do not forget to also make change to your hairstyles to optimize the lovely result of the hair color in 2013. Find the best stylist and enjoy a new different life.