2013 Hair Trends

Long Hairstyles 2013 2013 Hair Trends

Long Hairstyles 2013

We are about to leave 2013 behind and welcome the upcoming 2013, but the 2013 hair trends are still quite popular and likeable. There are several hair styles that are considered long lasting and timeless, so you can expect your style to look updated and new all the time.

The Long Hairstyles

2013 Hair Trends 3 2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trends

The 2013 hairstyles for long cut is still likeable. The long style can be made into bouncy mode that looks healthy, smooth, and soft. Also known as the gorgeous blow out style, this style is good for those with wavy or straight hair texture, although the straight texture needs to go through blow dry process first in order to get the bouncy effect. Such example styles can be seen on Jessica Biel hair style or Drew Barrymore. Although both of them have different length, the hairstyles look stylish on both of them. Biel ‘s style look soft and full of texture because of her thick hair so the longer style suits her; while Barrymore’s cut is shorter because it would fit her rounder facial structure and frame.

The Home-made Curls

2013 Hair Trends 2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trends ©fashionfame.com

Besides the long straight or rather wavy texture, you can also try the home made curls. This type of hairstyle suits those with wavy or rather curly texture. You can also take examples from Charlize Theron home made curls or the soft curls of Eva Longoria. Theron has natural curly texture, so by little help of hair products, she can look good in such natural way. Meanwhile; Longoria sometimes set up her hair in home-made natural curls that enhances her wavy texture.

Classic Style

2013 Hair Trends 2013 1 2013 Hair Trends

French Twist ©airsavana.com

Such classic style like the French twist, the French braids, or the simple bun can be a perfect hair do for both casual and formal occasions. These hair dos are timeless, classic, and simple, but they can really enhance your appearance. Take example from Grace Kelly hair do or Audrey Hepburn’s twist to deliver classic model.