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4 Best Men’s Hairstyles 2013

Although men may not have loads of hair style options when compared to women, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look good and stylish as well. With the right cut that goes along with your facial structure and feature, you can really improve your look without looking overly feminine or fashionable. There are several mens hairstyles 2013 that have been suggested and designed by well known designers, such as Prada or Givenchy. Don’t worry, you can still look manly and stylish at the same time.

The Tousled Look

Tousled Hairstyles 2013

Men Tousled Hairstyles 2013

Givenchy has suggested messy tousled look for men’s hairstyle that would look good for both straight and wavy hair. You only need to cut your hair short – short, but don’t cut it in cropped style – and use the hair gel. By using the gel, you can create messy texture that would make you look as if you just gotten up from bed – in sexy style, of course. Making your hair messy isn’t the same as spiking it up – keep that in mind. If you want to create edgier style, you can use the gel and create sideways mess, so your hair will have this messy effect to the right or left. Iceberg even creates edgier style when you only make your bangs go sideways with the gel. Of course you aren’t advised to have such style if you don’t want to look overly fashion conscious.

The Layered Style

Layered Hairstyles 2013

Men Layered Hairstyles 2013

Layered style can also be a great option for both straight and wavy hair. It would make your hair look less heavy and it gives great layers for the hairstyles men 2013. You can have your back side shorter and make your bangs go longer, if you want bangs, anyway. If you don’t want bangs, you can spike up your front side hair so it will look stylish and rebellious at the same time. If you have wavy hair, let your front side just like that. You can create messy effect, if you want to. You can also cut your side parts very short and then have the upper crown layered in thicker model so your bangs will stay straight and longer than your side parts. That would certainly create sexy and dramatic effect.

The Boy Short Cut

Short Cut Hairstyle 2013

Men Short Cut Hairstyle 2013

In this style, you only need to cut your hair short like usual, but you can add volume. It is suitable for thin hair so it would look thicker. If you want to, you can also add sideway bang as well. This style will certainly give ‘nice boy’ effect that would improve your appearance and look as well.

The Edgy Style

 Edgy Hairstyles 2013

Men Edgy Hairstyles 2013

The edgy style looks similar to the layered one, but with edgier sense and dramatic cut. Your side part will be cut very short while your upper crown will have longer effect, sometimes in thinner cutting. This idea is based on the punk-emo style that is considered rebellious and stylish at the same time. If you like this, be sure to have an example picture of it so your hairstylist won’t make the wrong cut.

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