Top Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium bob hair-do is quite versatile and flexible. The length is just perfect; it is not too long, but it is not too short either. The medium bob can be styled into fashionable look, even made into stylish up-do and low-do. Some women with bad hair day may prefer having it braided or pulled back into stylish ponytail if they don’t want to deal with fuss. As long as it remains nice, flexible, and … [Read more...]

Latest Medium Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Medium Inverted Bob Hairstyles

The inverted bob was made popular by Victoria Beckham, and up until now it has been one of the most favorite hairstyles that most women like. The cut is simple and yet highly attractive with simple care and maintenance as well. the hair is only need to be cut in wispy layers to create texture and rather plump effect on the top. The layers are designed so the hair won’t look too bushy. With this … [Read more...]

Best Bob Hairstyles Trends

Medium Plump Bob Hairstyles Trends for the Thin and Fine Hair Texture

The bob has often chosen to be hot style every year. This trendy cut is simple and yet elegant and classy. Basically, there are loads o different styling that can be implemented and done for the hair, in order to deliver different effect and results. Whether the hair is long, medium, or short, be sure that bob hair-do will always look good and smashing. That’s why the bob hairstyles trends are … [Read more...]

Bob Black Hairstyles 2014

Bob Black Hairstyles 2014 for Women

Having bob black hairstyles 2014 has its own style and fashionable sense. Black hair, after all, is considered sexy, mysterious, and somewhat highly classic and sassy. Some people who naturally have black hair can improve their look by having different kinds of cut and styling so their appearance won’t look bland or dull. Some options are greatly provided, for those with different hair textures … [Read more...]

Long Bob Haircuts 2014

Long Bob Haircuts 2014 for Women

Long bob haircuts 2014 can be implemented on any hair textures. If the wearer wants to look sleek and neat, having a straight bob style can do it. If the wearer wants to look playful, adorable, and cute, wavy or curly texture can pull it off nicely. There are different looks and styling that can be achieved by incorporating the bob haircuts into very nice hair-do. Bob isn’t only for those with … [Read more...]