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Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Brad Pitt hairstyles are one of the easiest examples of stylish yet simple cut for the men. The styles aren’t many but they aren’t boring either. If you want to choose one of his styles, be sure that your texture is suitable with the cut.

The Casual Long Hair

Brad Pitt Hairstyles 2012

Pitt several times was caught on camera wearing his hair long. He seemed to enjoy his casual long with long hair. The real texture of his hair isn’t straight – a bit wavy – but it look simple and laid back. If you want the similar style that would make you look laid-back, relaxed, and casual, choosing this long wav style is good for you. However, it would be better if you choose darker color. Pitt looks good with dark brown or dark blonde – his own real hair color is the combination of chestnut brown and rather honey blonde, so you can pick the similar shade. Avoid the too bright blonde that he was once worn when he was filming “Troy”. It made him look pale. Completely avoid such color if you have the similar complexion like his.

The Short Cut

Brad Pitt Hairstyles 2013

Often times, Pitt short his hair cut. Not the cropped cut; but the stylish and trendy cut like what he did when playing Ocean 11 to 13. This style is very sleek and good looking. It makes him look manly and trendy, without making him look like a fashion drag. Moreover, the color is just perfect; darker shades of brown with a little hint of blonde. This cut can be styled up in a simple manner. Simply use a hair gel or wax to lift the front side on the upper crown so it would make stylish look. Keep both sides of the hair short and trimmed. The celebrity hairstyles are suitable for you if you have naturally wavy or straight hair.

The Sleek Short

Brad Pitt Hairstyles 2012-2013

Pitt several times has worn his short cut style to formal occasions by forming it into sleek style. With side part, he brushed his hair to the side and back, so he could look like the guys from the 1950s or 1960s. it is a good idea to try imitating his style, so you can look formal, charming, and classy, without overdoing it.

If you are thinking about imitating Pitt’s hairstyles, it isn’t difficult to do so. Simply use hair wax or gel and you can achieve the style that you want. As simple as that.