Brown Hair Color 2013

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 - Hair Color

Brown Hair Color 2013

For alternative for hair color, we recommend you to flirt with chocolate brown hair color. Among all other hair color available we think the chocolate brown hair color is the richer and the most luscious.

There are also a lot of variations that you can try with this hairstyle, such as:

  • The Ganache: Rich and smooth chocolate color with a lot of red highlight.
  • The Milk Chocolate truffle: a brilliant combination of brown shades that will make your hair really gorgeous looking.
  • The Rich Brownie: this color variation offers really dark golden brown shade that looks really elegant and luxurious.
  • The Sundae Topping: Combination of the rich hot fudgy chocolate brown with subtle ribbons of caramel creates a really cute dazzling hair color.

The chocolate brown hair colors are never boring; you can also add red or gold variation to make it more playful and attractive. As for the example of chocolate brown hairstyle we already prepare you with two beautiful brown hairstyles: the super sexy curl and the Glamour Girl

The Super Sexy girl

Brown Hair Color 2013

Chocolate brown hair will definitely looks sexy with this Super Sexy hairstyle. The sexy curls, which are the main feature of this hairstyle, will make your appearance become more elegant and luxurious just like a diva.

To get the hairstyle you can follow these instructions:

  • Start by applying hair product for curvy hair such as the Redken Curvaceous Wave Ahead Mousse, and then comb it through.
  • Be creative, make a beautiful braid pattern for the hairstyle
  • Use a blow dry with a diffuser to create a more defined curl even if it takes more time.
  • Finish it by applying a flexible hold spray like the Kenra Finishing Spray 13

The Glamour Girl

Brown Hair Color 2013

Sophisticated and glamorous hairstyle is back on the trend including this glamour girl chocolate brown hairstyle. The main feature of this hairstyle is the perfectly placed sleek soft waves that never overdone. The additions of long bangs that graze over the shoulder give more elegance effect to the hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfectly suited for a night occasion, formal or more casual event. To get the hairstyle simply use large barrel curling iron or large hot rollers to curl the end of your hair. The next step is to deeply part your hair to one side then curl back and away the end of your bangs from your face in the desirable direction.

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