Hairstyles 2015

Casual Short Hairstyles School To Have

Short Hairstyles School 2015-2016

Here are some of the great options for short hairstyles school. Teenagers and students can still look chic and fashionable with short cut because there are so many different options for looking cute and adorable.

Just because teenagers have these short hairstyles for school, it doesn’t mean that they should look shabby or not cool. The bob cut is the most common short style that looks good on any wearers and textures. Selena Gomez, for example, looks chic and still adorable with her thick hair styled in medium bob. When such style is paired with bangs, the final results will be different from those without bangs.

8 New Short Hairstyles School Trends

1. Miley Cyrus Edgy Cut

Miley Cyrus Edgy Short Haircuts School 2015-2016

2. Boyish Wavy Short Cut

Boyish Wavy Short Short Haircuts School 2015-2016

3. Blunt and Choppy Short Cut

Blunt  Choppy Short Hairstyles School 2015-2016

4. Emma Watson Classic Pixie

Emma Watson Classic Pixie Short Hairstyles School 2015-2016

5. Edgy Pompadour Style for Girls

Edgy Pompadour Short Hairstyles School for Girls 2015-2016

6. Brittany Snow Blunt Bob Ends

Brittany Snow Blunt Bob Short Hairstyles School 2016

7. Choppy Boyish Edgy Look

Choppy Boyish Edgy Short Hairstyles School 2015-2016

8. Short Cut for Redhead

Redhead Short Haircuts School 2015-2016