Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle

haircut 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut 2013

Known as one of the best football players, it can also be very exciting to discuss about Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle.Many would agree that this football player is not only skillful when it comes to playing football but also very handsome. Cristiano Ronaldo often changes his hairstyle, no matter what hairstyle he chooses, he ends up with a very handsome, masculine and stylish look. One thing we can ensure, this football player always uses the hairstyle that represents his characters.


Faux-hawk Mullet Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo 2013

As many football fans know, this handsome guy loves to experiment with his hairstyle. Each time he changes his hairstyle, there are many positive comments given. For a football player that is blessed with lots of talents and a good looking appearance, this football player knows on how to pick the right hairstyle. The most popular hairstyle from Cristiano Ronaldo is fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle is simple but gives a very masculine look for this football player. Since he prefers something simple, this football player keeps his hair short.

As we can see from his latest appearance, his short hairstyle really suits him. Given with his lovely eyes and facial features, many would agree that this football player knows on how to pick such a simple and trendy hairstyle. Since he decided to pick a simple and short hairstyle, we can say that his hairstyle is really versatile and flexible. As you can see from the pictures, sometimes his hairstyle also requires the use of gel.

A Medium Short Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle 2013

Unlike other football players who came up with some weird looking hairstyles, Cristiano Ronaldo loves something simple but looks cool and stylish. In fact, his style is even considered as celebrity hairstyles. It is not really surprising if we see that many fans especially girls love his hairstyle. Since he prefers a medium short hairstyle, the main advantage is that it doesn’t require any major maintenance. With his latest hairstyle known as faux-hawk mullet style, he does a good job in keeping himself in a very stylish and trendy look.

Simple and Stylish

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle 2012-2013 Although this football player also has several versions of a short curly look, his latest hairstyle with faux-hawk mullet style is definitely amazing. This football player also comes up with an upswept style with elements of a mullet. As for Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle, many fans will expect a more stylish hairstyle from this football player in the future.