Dark Purple Hairstyles 2013

dark purple hairstyles 2013

Dark Purple Hairstyles 2013

There is a new trend in the hair fashion that is believed to improve and enhance your look: the dark purple hairstyles 2013. With this cool and trendy hairstyles 2013, you can really look fashionable and chic in simple manner. The color management and the hair styling can make you stand out among other dark haired women, so you can be sure that you can make heads turn when you are around.


Versatility of Dark Hair

dark purple hairstyles 2013 trends

Versatility of Dark Hair

The dark purple hair is considered as a great combination of natural dark haired individuals with great shades. The reason why dark purple is chosen is because it is able to blend and mix well with dark strands – such as the black hair or the brown hair. The dark purple can look great as highlight or as true hair combination, as it can really add volumes and also texture to the hair. Whether you choose to have straight and sleek hair texture or the wavy and curly styles, you can be sure that your appearance will be perfect. In fact, studies have pointed out that purple shades – whether it is light or dark – can actually bring the best outlook for your style. if you want to play it a bit safe, you can choose dark purple as highlight, but if you are feeling brave enough, it can be used as the true color combination, so you will have two color tones for your hair.

Katy Perry Hairstyles

katy perry  dark purple hairstyles 2013

Katy Perry

One great example of person that is having dark purple hair is Katy Perry. She has natural black hair that looks great when she mixes it with dark purple. Whether she is styling her hair in straight or wavy hair, she still looks great and fashionable in very simple way.

Consult your hairstylist to get the best hairstyle and tag along the example pictures if you want to get the best result and outcome.