Hair Highlights 2013

Hair Highlights 2013

Hair Highlights 2013

There are several interesting options for the hair highlights 2013 that can enhance and improve your look without you having to do any extravagant work. The new color and style can change your casual look and turn heads if you are able to make bold statement sense with the hair options. There are some options and choices that you can have if you really want to change your look.


Dazzling Styles

Dazzling Hair Highlights 2013

Dazzling Hair Highlights

Dazzling hairstyles are great to enhance your look and show off your personality. There are several ways where you can include bright and bold colors into your daily look. For example, auburn or purple can make you look stand out among the others. If you want to look dazzling without too much work, choosing a hairstyle with bold color arrangement, one color only is enough. You can choose having short bob cut with auburn color with slight reddish or purplish hue in the middle. But if you truly want to look completely different, choosing different hair colors at once can deliver the effect you want. You can have medium length cut covered in purple where the end of the hair will be highlighted in green. This will certainly make you different and make others turn their heads into your direction.

From Hue to Red Cover

Red Cover Hair Highlights 2013

Red Cover Hair Highlights

Of course, it would be better if you can choose a shade or hue that is close to your natural skin color. If you want to have dramatic effect, you can choose the contrast one. The options are only two: having the similar hue or the contrast one. For example, if you have pale and fair skin, you can choose warm brunette or the red cover. This color for hairstyles 2013 will certainly work out for you.

Consult things with your hairstylist as she is the one who can suggest the best option for you. if you are still doubtful about this style, choose the ‘rather’ calm tone so the appearance won’t be too drastic.