John Daly Hairstyles

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 - Celebrity
john daly hairstyles

John Daly

What happen with John Daly Hairstyle? If you love playing golf or golf itself, you must know about John Daly. There not golf player like him even Tiger Wood. He is able to make all his fans and all the golf spectators to get excited with his action in the golf court as well as in its live. Known as the Long John and the Lion daly, John Daly has the great teeshot that has speed like sonic and it is the one that always make people impressed beside his daily lifestyle including his hairstyle that makes people attracted. This Californian Golfer is really great.

Casual Medium Straight

Jhon Daly is often involved in many scandals like getting drunk and getting emotional in the golf competion or in his daily life. This condition looks affects his way of life and his style. Some years ago we can see that John daly had his hair cat in medium straight. He wants to show that he still has the high spirit in getting through his life through this hairstyle. He made his sides and back of the mane tapered to his head and the top part of his hair is still long and make it flat to contour the head. It looks perfect for him.

Short Cut

Jhon Daly is a kind of dynamic man and he is getting mature when he comes to his age of 50. This condition makes him change his style including his hairstyle. Now he has short straight hairstyle. He now looks simple with the new John Daly Hairstyle. It shows that his emotion is stable whether in the golf court or in his daily life. His hair in the back and side part is shortly cutted and it gives the impression of neatness.

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