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Justin Bieber Hairstyles

Justin Bieber hairstyles have been another kind of craze around the globe. Frosted tips, shag, manly crop, to mention a few, it all looks striking for Bieber, no matter what. If you happen to notice, however, the hairstyling has been something else following his birthday in last month. Now that he is 18, it seems that he needs to give himself a man look. You can see how manly he looked during an interview session with Oprah Winfrey for her new TV show.

The Old and New Manly Styles


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Bieber is best remembered with his original old mop hairstyle, perhaps, as the Canadian singer was spotted in the summer of the year. Oh, yes, the longer locks looked great on him. Somehow, his new haircut is no longer a complete old mop. With more layers on the side, the front looks so much like bowl haircut. Wait, do not be too much taken by the name, because Bieber looks incredibly cool and, once again, manly, thanks to the haircut. Besides, the styling allows him to uncover his forehead. Of course, you may need to blow-dry your hair and use hair products, tons ones, when you want your hair done this way. Generously, Bieber has shared the styling technique in YouTube.

What You Will Need For the Bieber Look

For sure, you will need several kinds of hair products to help you get the Bieber look. Crème de Coco’s hair products are generally recommended for protecting your hair from heat while adding the volume during the blow-drying. The murumuru butter, coconut oil, milk thistle, and mallow in the products also give your hair extra shine and softness. The hair products are valuable for not only the sine enhancing properties, but also the moisture rich and frizz taming suitable for colored, dull, or dry hair.

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Your hair is naturally curly but you still badly want the Bieber look? Apply the Crème de Coco’s conditioner to help you manage the tangles, soothe, and shimmer your hair beforehand. In addition to the helping products, flip hairstyle needs a brush to work with the blow dryer, but thick, wavy, or curly hair needs the flat iron before anything else. Before applying gel for spiky look, comb your hair forward. You can always change the color, as Bieber himself made his hair darker for his Believe album, and length to suit your personal taste although the basic style of the haircut is shorter on the back part. Celebrity hairstyles, especially those of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomes, or Taylor Swift, are always inspiring for most teenagers and adults, indeed.