Kanye West Hairstyles

Kanye West Hairstyles Kanye West Hairstyles

Kanye West Hairstyles

Kanye West is known as the popular and very creative music artist, but the Kanye West hairstyles are also known because of the one of a kind cutting and styling. As a music artist, West is known to have his own style and he doesn’t want to look similar to other people. he has care free style and attitude, which is also reflected in his hair cuts.

The Short Cut

Kanye West Short Cut Kanye West Hairstyles

Kanye West Short Cut

West is mostly seen with his very short cut style, although there are times when he has lengthened his hair in longer style. His very short cut is known as the buzz cut.

  • The buzz cut. West seems to like this style so much since he is often seen in this style from time to time. This buzz cut is basically just the same as the cropped cut where all the sides are cut very short; leaving very short hair only. It is almost the same as shaving the hair, but with some hair left on the surface.
  • The tribal model. Tribal model is almost the same as the buzz cut, but then you create certain pattern on the surface. West is also often seen with this kind of model, sometimes with truly tribal patterns, sometimes not. Sometimes he has his own design or favorite numbers embedded on his scalp and hair. For some people, it is called as the statement hair-do because it does make a certain statement.

The Afro-Hawk

Kanye West Afro Hawk Kanye West Hairstyles

Kanye West Afro-Hawk

This is the longer version of the buzz cut, but with attitude. The Afro-hawk has shorter cuts on the sides, but longer cuts on the upper crown continuing to the back. and the remaining longer styles are then styled in Mohawk fashion to create care free yet stylish model. These Kanye West hairstyles can certainly make you look different – in good way.

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