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Lauren Conrad Hair Color

As a prominent TV personality Lauren Conrad hair color pretty much attracts the public attention and can become the subject of talking when it offers something interesting. Moreover when the multi talented persona, reality show actress, fashion designer and author of two books so far, shocks everybody, including us, with a shocking combination of hair colors, shocking even for celebrity hairstyles. When we first see the photo posted by the celebrity showing her hair tip dyed not only with one, two but three colors we cannot restrain our amazement and astonishment, as we don’t believe what our eyes saw. The hair colors surprisingly offer refreshing effect, with some sort of feeling that teenage rebel stage is going on in the choice of hair color. The hair colors also make Lauren Conrad looks significantly younger with the hair colors, in fact it also make her cuter.

Can Non-Celebrity Have it?

Lauren Conrad Hair Color 2012

After we saw the rainbows colors on Lauren Conrad hair we personally intrigued how similar hair colors styling work for ordinary non-celebrity people. Yes, the hair colors work perfectly for Lauren Conrad, but the actress doesn’t have to show up at the office for ordinary day job like most of us do. We asked a hair color expert to answer our questions regarding the Lauren Conrad shocking hair color and the answers are quite surprising. The hair colorist said that the multi colored-ends a la Lauren Conrad are really suitable for non celeb person. When we asked how, the hair colored asked to try the colored-ends style and then put it in a bun. We did what the hair colorist said to put the colored-ends in a bun and, voila the colors are practically invisible. This way we can disguise our shocking hair color when we work perfectly.

How to Choose the Shade

Lauren Conrad Hair Color 2013

One question down, one more to go; now we are asking the same hair color expert about how to choose the right shade for the hair colors. The answer is simple: don’t worry too much. The point of having bordering ridiculous hair colored end with different shades is to look playful, not to look natural. So don’t worry that your choice of shades will flatter your skin tone, because it won’t matter when you choose the like of electric blue or hot pink. You just have to be confident and choose the color you think will look pretty on your hair.

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