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Lauren Conrad Short Hair

Who among you girls, fashion enthusiasts or hairstyle experts, who thinks that Lauren Conrad short hair seems to be a good idea? Not even one of you? Well, The TV personality who rose in the prominence after staring a reality show “the Hills” is really attached to the image as California style girl with long sunny blonde hair. With that image, it’s quite hard to imagine her with different hair style including the short haircut. Therefore when Lauren Conrad appearing in the MTV’s “The Hills” wearing short haircut, we are completely surprised and think many of us share the same amazement. It seems that the actress herself or maybe her stylist wants to prove that the California girl Lauren Conrad can also sport elegant short hairstyle. In the TV show the multi talented blonde girl showing up wearing the short hairstyle at people‘s Revolution in LA. The TV superstar comes up with new hairstyle, with front line braid, a mini hair bump and shattered end. Of course the girl still looks cute with the hairstyle, but is it the best for her?

Our Opinion

Lauren Conrad Short Hair 2012

When a celebrity, especially an actress, decides to cut her hair short there are usually several motives behind it. First motive is to make a new, fresher image, a clean slate. For example Emma Watson with her new pixie crop hairstyle. The former child and teen actress apparently want to refresh her image from the cute, smart Harry Potter sidekick to become a more mature, sexy looking actress. Next motive is because the script says so. When an actress involved in a movie or TV show project with the script telling her that the character better off or have to be short-haired, the actress have to wear the same haircut. It also shows that the actress ready to be taken seriously in her respective career. In our opinion, among these motives the second one is most appropriate with Lauren Conrad curious case of short hair. The girl wants to be taken more seriously in her career so she decides to appear more elegantly with short hair.

What’s Your Opinion?

Lauren Conrad Short Hair 2013

We think that the short hairstyle of Lauren Conrad is fine, even when compared with other celebrity hairstyles. The Laguna Beach born girl still looks cute with short hair even though we still feel that long wavy hair fit her more perfectly. So what about your opinion? Do you prefer the elegant short hair or the classic Lauren Conrad long wavy hair?

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