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Light Brown Hair Color 2013

Light brown hair color becomes really fashionable in the year 2013. The hair color fit perfectly for the summer as the hair will look really mesmerizing, glowing reflecting the summer sunlight. You can imagine walking in the beach at the Caribbean islands or other tropical islands with your fresh looking light brown hair color. The hair color also suit the fall as well as the summer. With a more melancholic effect, the light chocolate brown color will be perfect for an afternoon stroll in Paris with your beloved one for example. In short more women would like to change their hair color into light chocolate brown this year.

Light Brown Hair Color 2013

If you are one of them, before you decide any product to use for the hair coloring we recommend you to see these two wonderful products. The first one is the L’Oreal Couleur Experte that will give you the natural golden brown hair color; while the other one is the L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color that will give you light brown Chocolate “Praline 6” color. Each product has its own benefits, we will discuss it more details to help you choose one of them.

L’Oreal Couleur Experte

The L’Oreal Couleur Experte hair coloring product has the price of USD 27.99, quite pricey compared to other hair coloring product. However when you see it you will know that the price is really worth it. This product main feature is that it is the one and only dual-system coloring kit that you can use at home that combine permanent base color along with harmonizing highlight in just one box.

Other benefits of this hair coloring product are the simplicity to apply it to your hair and the extra protective formula that can make your hair even softer, free from tangle and shiny. With this L’Oreal Couleur Experte you can also expect perfect 100% coverage for the grey hair , if you have one, and also previous highlights

The L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color

While giving you a wonderful light brown Chocolate “Praline 6” colors to your hair this product also help nourishing the hair, helping the hair fight the hair damage and make it look healthy shinny and silky. Other benefit of this hair coloring product is that it contains no ammonia whatsoever so it is save to use frequent times and even counter the dullness as well as prevent hair damage.

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