Long Haircuts 2013

long haircuts 2013

Having long hair does not always mean being outdated because you can refer to the new styles of long haircuts 2013 for refreshing your look. You only need few different touches, in fact, to keep yourself fancy and fashionable without cutting short your long hair. Somehow, if you know the tricks, long haircuts can be glorious once more, just as they were centuries ago.


Styling Long Haircuts

long haircuts 2013

Layers are still the best touch you can add in your new haircuts 2013. You can look through these styles and may find one that suits your personal style and shape of face perfectly.

  • Sexy and long waves styling is going to be perfect for you especially when your hair is naturally wavy. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair around the crown into only some layers. Then, cut the rest into intense and deep layers – make sure the ends are in tapering look.
  • Flipped ends require the same start from the crown. Cut the hair around the crown into some layers, the rest into intense and deep layers, then style by flipping outwards at the ends.
  • Choppy styling needs layers all over the hair. Then, every strand should be at various, different length at last.
  • Razor cut is suitable for straight hair. Run the razor for a sleek and modern look.
  • Sleek layered styling will give you such a nice classic look, but only when your hair is naturally and perfectly straight. After middle parting, cut each side into intense and deep layers right from the jaw level.

Highlighting Long Haircuts

long haircuts 2013 trend

Daily styling may be doable for you, but for a new haircut, always go to a good, professional hairstylist, so you will not regret your look. The same rule applies to coloring. French twist, for example, will give you such a versatile look for exclusive occasions, thanks to the tantalizing highlights.

Then, you should keep your hair length around the medieval territory of maiden to suggest the appeal of mythological mermaids and ancient goddesses. Still, you can always switch layers to cascade, ragged, or straight lines, just as Selena Gomez. At this point, you do have your own style of long haircut.