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Long Pixie Hairstyles 2013

The need to have Long Pixie Hairstyles 2013 as one of the new waves in hairdo options becomes a trend after celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, and Lena Dunham cut their beautiful hair short with pointed angles along with choppy layers. Pixie hairstyles 2013 are made for you who are brave enough to give your total submission to the scissor for the new dramatic look.

Textured Pixie Hairstyles

Long Pixie Hairstyles 2013
Long Pixie Hairstyles 2013

There are many ways to wear the Pixie hairstyles, although it is commonly trade marked as very short hairdo. Indeed, pixie hairstyles can be styles in various ways to meet your needs as well as style personally. A professional stylist often provides you with suggestion on the appropriate pixie haircut for you. In having a funky look, you can ask your hair stylist to have your haircut short and spiky. In getting both chic and stylish hairstyle, you can have your pixie haircut styled to one side along with downy hair laid aside. In addition, when you have a thin hair and would like to add more volume to the look, you can have a modern pixie cut in which your stylish needs to provide the hairstyle with plenty textured cuts particularly when he/she adds the height to your head top for a thicker hair look. When discussing about the type of face, an ideal face shape that can wear any hairstyle is oval face shapes. Square face shape have strong features that needs to be provided with soft layers around it, while round face shape is not recommended to have this type of hairdo since it will only highlight the plumpness.

Hair Styling

Pixie hairstyle is easier to style. In order to show the wonderful layers, you simply need to use a texturizing product. Styling gel can be used for a spiky look while styling cream can be used for chic and smooth pixie look. All in all, Long Pixie Hairstyles 2013 is indeed a chic yet trouble-free hairstyle to choose.

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