Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard Hairstyles Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

Many women love following Marion Cotillard hairstyles. This Oscar-winning actress has more than just beauty; I would like to say that she has both beauty and brains. She has many hobbies and is also concerned with the environmental issues. She is not only known as the face of Dior’s lady Dior campaign but also known as the spokesperson for Greenpeace. So if you are looking for some best hairstyles from this beautiful actress, check out some best hairstyles below.

The Classic Curls

Marion Cotillard Classic Curls Hairstyles Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard Classic Curls Hairstyles

The classic curls are one of the best Marion Cotillard hairstyles. She goes with her shoulder length brunette looks and combines this hairstyle with dark liner on her eyes and a smoky gray shadow. She looks great and more beautiful. The other cool hairstyle is when this actress used the school girl chic hairstyle in Paris. She also combined her hairstyle with a berry hued lip. The school girl chic hairstyle makes this actress like a young school girl. Well, she does look really good when using this popular hairstyle. If you are looking for other elegant hairstyles, Maria Cotillard is very popular for her taste when changing some hairstyles during some different events.

Vintage Hollywood and Crimped UPDO

Marion Cotillard UPDO Hairstyles Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard UPDO Hairstyles

The other great choice used by this Oscar winning actress is when she went with the vintage Hollywood hairstyle at the opening of American women event. She used muted raspberry lips, smoky eyes and also pinned back curls. The other great hairstyle you might want to try is when she used the crimped UPDO hairstyle. This is quite simple but offers a more elegant look thus you can use it during some formal events. Mario Cotillard is so creative when it comes to changing her hairstyles. She does really know how to pick the best hairstyle that fits with her face shape.

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