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Thursday, November 1st, 2012 - Celebrity

The new Miley Cyrus haircut, edgy pixie crop, has been the hot topic now that the former teen star moving on to have a more rebellious image. The talk about the new pixie hair cut of Miley Cyrus started to spread after the actress who played as Hannah Montana in the ABC family channel posted her self-taken image portraying her wearing a new and daring hair cut, new wave pixie crop with smile at her face. The picture suddenly become the talking point in many fashion, and to be more specific hairstyles websites discussing whether the hair cut perfectly complement the general appearance of the actress or simply make the once “pure girl” to look more rebellious and hip.

The Wave of Short Haircut Trend

Miley Cyrus Haircut 2012

The talk about the Miley Cyrus new wave pixie crop haircut is also in line with various other celebrities sporting similar short hairstyle. A new wave of trend, people might said about the fashion development with many celebrities proudly and beautifully have their hair cut and styled with short haircut. The new trend for short celebrity hairstyles was not only supported by Miley Cyrus, but also various other beautiful actresses, model and singers. Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson, are just to name a few of celebrities who look gorgeous with her short hairstyles.

People can see the similarities between the three celebrities that with the new hairstyles the look more fresh and edgy compared to their previous image. For example Emma Watson was previously known for her role as Hermione, a cute smart little sidekick of Harry Potter. The image sticks for a long time until after the franchise ended and Emma decided to change her image by cutting her locks short. Guess what? It works, now people not only recognize the actress as only Hermione but also the hot mature actress with daring pixie haircut!

How it Rolls for Miley

Miley Cyrus Haircut 2012-2013

While the short haircut is a big success for the like of Emma Watson, now we are wondering whether it has the same effect for Miley. In term of making her transition from pure teenage star to more mature women smoother, the pixie short haircut certainly has its job well. It also make the actress look more fresh and funky compared to her previous pure ideal girl next door. If there’s a downside about her new looks, people now start comparing the American starlet with the British darling Emma Watson. We certainly know who is the obvious winner, aren’t we?

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