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Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

Everybody likes something cute and beautiful like the obvious Miley Cyrus hairstyle. The girl who once known for her part in the ABC Family Channel TV series “Hannah Montana”, where Miley played as a teen idol who kept her personal identity a secret, has grown up to become a really mature beautiful women. The same with her teen star period, the girl easily caught public attention by her dazzling look including the way she styled her hair as well as her activity with other celebrity. With such popularity everyone wants to copy every style the young girl has, from the way she dress, talk and waves as well as the famous Chesnutt –colored locks which are styled in long silken coil.

The Long Silken Coil Hairstyle

 Miley Cyrus Hairstyles 2012-2013

Different with many other celebrity hairstyles, the long hairstyle of Miley Cyrus doesn’t look like it involves too many styling and scissor work. The only obvious use of scissor is for maintenance trim in order to keep the beautiful hair looking smooth, healthy and free of split ends. One of the most important parts of the hairstyle is the layering. With using the “long-layered” technique the ends of the hair are layered to prevent bulk overabundance in the curl styling as well as to even the level of the hair volume.

How To Get Her Haircut

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles 2013

To get similar haircut to Miley Cyrus’ there are several steps you can try:

  • Before start to style the hair, make sure you have it shampooed and conditioned to make it easier to cut, comb and section.
  • Section the hair into four parts or more.
  •  Use a wet roller set and use styling gel for maximum hold, you can also use on-base placement in order to get maximum lift at the head scalp. This step is needed because of the great length and weight of hair to be styled.
  • Use the “piggy back” technique in order to fully wrap the hair. To wrap the hair you can also use large size spiral perming rods.
  • Wait the hair to dry. You can use hooded dryer or a bonnet to make the process faster because to let it dry naturally will take a considerable amount of your valuable time.
  • After it is dry you can take down the curl and use comb with wide tooth to soften the curls. When it is finished you will get the silky soft shiny curl a la Miley Cyrus.

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