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Modern Men’s Haircut 2013

Nowadays men pay a great deal attention to their hairstyle as a very important part of their appearance and now with the New Year fast approaching it’s time to find out about the new trend in haircut 2013. Fashion in general, including hairstyles, is no longer monopoly of women now with metro sexual men also concerned over the way the look. It’s not only about the jeans they wear, the t-shirt or trendy shoes but also the right haircut that will complement the overall look of a man. Nowadays there are various hairstyles to keep you up with the recent trend and here we will provide some of them.

Short and Spiky Haircut


Haircut 2013

Spiky Haircut 2013

Prevail against the test of time, the short haircut come back for the trend in hottest men’s haircut 2013. With various hairstyles trend come and go, the short hairstyle never been really forgotten with its simplicity and easiness to maintained. The short hairstyle also looks very masculine and with the addition of some texture it will also give flair to your overall appearance. The variation to the short, simple hair is the spiky haircut. If you are looking to look younger and funkier then this haircut is perfect for you. It gives you more adventurous look while still able to be matched with a more formal wear.

The “Cristiano Ronaldo” Style and


haircut 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo is an international football stars with a very strong appeal for women. His haircut is so popular that many people look to imitate it. The besides add flair to your appearance the haircut also proven to be really versatile as you can get multiple style options just from a single haircut.

The Faux Hawk


haircut 2013

Faux Hawk Haircut 2013

If you want to look wild and adventurous, you can try adding a bit gel or wax to create faux hawk or spiky hairstyle while for more formal occasion you can simple swept back the hair for a more chic looks. With such versatility and hotness we predict this hairstyle to become one of the hottest men’s haircuts 2013.

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