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Paris Hilton Hairstyles

You can imitate Paris Hilton hairstyles if you want to look stylish and good in such simple manner. You can try her longer hairstyle or the current one, where she cut her hair quite short – above the neck. It depends on your facial structure, so be careful and discuss the best cut with your hairstylist.

The Long Style

Paris Hilton Hairstyles 2012

Hilton worn her long cut for quite long time. She has made some changes concerning her style. Sometimes she would do it in casual wavy style and then she would do it in casual straight style. All in all, you need to cut your hair in layered form if you want to achieve the similar look like Hilton. The layered cut will look good to frame your face when it is done in straight manner and it can result in sexy messy do when you want to make it wavy and a bit curly. You need to consider the shade too. Hilton often changes her shade, but mostly in blonde and platinum. Once she went platinum where it was really white and she looked horrible because it was such a horrible contrast with her tanned complexion. Consider light to deep blonde – like honey blonde – if you are thinking about having the similar hairstyle.

The Short Style

Paris Hilton Hairstyles 2013

Today, Hilton has cut and kept her hair short. She cut in bob style; sometimes accompanying the cut with heavy bang or sideways bang. You can certainly imitate the celebrity hairstyles if you have such soft and fine hair texture because it would bring more volume to your hair. For this shorter cut, Hilton once color it with the combination of light brown and dark blonde and the result wasn’t so bad. Actually, it looked good. You can certainly try imitating this style. This bob short cut can be worn for formal occasions or for daily hair-do.

The Different Options

Paris Hilton Hairstyles

Hilton has also tried to avoid boredom by changing the appearance of her short hair a little. She still kept it short, but with asymmetrical layers. The front side is longer than the back side, making the whole cut like going upward in stylish layered model. This style can more suitable for people with straight hair because it would limit the volume. You can consider keeping the bob style, in case you have wavy texture. Such short hair can be styled with the help of straitening iron, curling iron, and also hair gel.

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