Pixie Haircuts 2013

Pixie Haircuts 2013 Pixie Haircuts 2013

Pixie Haircuts 2013

When you want to look different and fresh without doing too many efforts or work, you can certainly choose the pixie haircuts 2013 to improve yourself. This cut is flexible and ideal for any kind of facial features, especially the ones with small and petite facial structure. If you have such traits, be sure that this cut will look best for you.

The Boyish Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley Pixie Haircuts 2013 Pixie Haircuts 2013

Keira Knightley Pixie Haircuts

When Keira Knightley cut her hair in the boyish style for the movie Domino, she really enhanced her facial structure and features. We all know that she has good cheek bones and overall facial features, so such hair really enhances her appearance. Moreover, she adds the short crop boyish style with choppy and layered bangs, so the overall look looks very simple and light for her. There is no heavy hair burden lingering around her face. This style can also be styled in messy model, if you want to look less formal and more casual. Not only this style looks good for the daily hair-do, it also looks good for the formal occasions.

The Sporty Selma Blair

Selma Blair Pixie Haircuts 2013 Pixie Haircuts 2013

Selma Blair Pixie Haircuts

The sporty hairstyles 2013 can be a great option for young moms who want flexibility and easiness in managing their daily hair-do. Blair is the perfect example that you don’t necessarily have to own petite features to look stylish in such short hair style. She comes with layered chops that look sleek on both sides of her hair. Her style is almost similar to the one worn by Emma Watson, but Blair has longer bangs. She, in fact, comes with side bangs that can add texture to her forehead and eyes area, making the overall look sporty yet classy as well.

You can choose these two examples or browse around for other ideas if you want to cut your hair in short boyish look. Boyish doesn’t mean that you should look masculine as well.

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