Rocco Mediate Hairstyles

Friday, October 25th, 2013 - Celebrity
Rocco Mediate Hairstyles

Rocco Mediate Hairstyles always become the attractive part of that golf athlete. It is logic since he is the public figure that has many fans in all over the world. All of the things he do always arouse the curiosity of his fans including what he wears and the hairstyle he use. We know that Rocco Mediate is a professional golf athlete that has played professional golf since 1985. What he did in the golf court is impressing for his fans. Even though he always wear head when he play golf, the hairstyle under it will be still interesting for the people.

Curly and Cool

As the golf athlete, Rocco Mediate always makes his hair interesting. He want to perform perfectly whether in the golf court or in his daily life. As his hair is curly, Rocco Mediate never let it growing too longer. He always makes his mane that is curly stay short and makes it still close to his head. He always like this style since it will still maintain its natural character and easy to maintain its texture as well its shape. This style is much appropriated with Rene since his hair is naturally curly or wavy. He can let it until 4-6 weeks before he cut it for the same shape again.

Short Curly Cut

Today, Rocco Mediate has changed his hairstyle. The side and back of his hair are shortly cut and the hair part near the head is still little bit longer so its shape and height are still existed. It is the great hairstyle since it is much appropriated with his natural curly hair. Mature people always want to maintain their hair simply and Roco Mediate did the same with his hairstyle. The Roco Mediate hairstyles always become the inspiration for his fans.

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