Serena Williams Hairstyles

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Serena Williams Hairstyles

Serena Williams Hairstyles

Serena Williams hairstyles are known because they are mostly unique and one of a kind. Not only this Williams sister is known for her ability in the tennis court, she is also known to have very unique, daring, and bold style, like her sister. If you want to look daring and bold as well and you want to turn heads, there are some styles that you can choose from her.

The Longer Styles

Serena is known to like wearing her hair long. Even when her hair is still short, she doesn’t mind wearing hair extension to make it look longer and vibrant. There are some options that you can copy from her.

  • The Chaka Khan style. This style is basically imitating the retro look from Chaka Khan with the curls and the ringlets. Serena keeps her hair long and then adds more curls – starting from the upper crown to create more volumes and texture. This style is very suitable for both casual and formal occasions since you only add shine to your hair during important occasions.
  • The Jamaican style. Besides the Chaka Khan style, she also likes to have the Jamaican locks. It looks like the one worn by Bob Marley, but in softer and more subtle ways. When she has a match, she will tie the locks so her hair won’t get in the way.

The Shorter Versions

Serena has natural curls and waves, and she likes to keep it that way, although she cuts her hair short. For these kinds of short Serena Williams hairstyles, she adds curls to keep the hair volumized. But she also once has her styled in modern bob, where the wavy texture is left untouched so it creates its own natural curls. With side swept bangs, Serena certainly looks very nice and stylish in the simplest way.

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