Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

The trend of short bob hairstyles 2013 is no longer a secret in the fashion industry with so many high profile celebrity, singer or actress sporting the classic yet chic hairstyles. Yes, the hairstyles that first gain its fashion acknowledgement in the early 1920s now back into style. Among many other celebrities with short bob hairstyles, the most high profiles are Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Anna Hathaway. The hairstyles seem to regain its fame in the last few decades supported with the feminist idea that women should be independent and able to take on the world equally with the men.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013 Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

There are two factors that make the shirt bob hairstyle in line with the feminist and/ modern women idea which is practicality and versatility. The hairstyle is obviously more practical to manage than longer hairstyles that usually need hours of styling before a woman can be ready for the day or night event. By sporting short hairstylesa woman can arguably be more active and ready as a modern and empowered woman.

In term of aesthetic aspect, the short bob hairstyle offers a chic and sexy look that looks really attractive. It can look sexy like the sexy Inverted Bob or it can help hiding a multitude flaws on your face for example extra wide jaw or a double chin using asymmetrical long bangs style. In short no reason not to follow this short bob hairstyle trend.

How to Style Short Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013 1 Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

To get the perfect short bob hairstyles there are several things you have to consider. Here are some steps and tips to get the perfect hairstyles everyday:

  • First blow dry your hair using a round brush until it completely dry
  • The next step is to comb the hair down against your face to make the bang. If it necessary you can use a flat iron to make it looks smoother and prevent it from keep popping up messily.
  • Apply hair styling product such as styling mousse with your hand for the finishing step.


The Hair Color

Red Hair Color Trend 2013 Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Red Hair Color Trend 2013

For short bob hairstyles it is recommended for you to go for the bolder choice. While black can be considered as the most standard and safe choice you might want to add a little bit more flair by adding deep shade of red for the hairstyle. The same can be applied to blond color that can look more attractive and bold with the addition of healthy strawberry shade.

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