Short Haircuts for 2013

Short Haircuts for 2013

Short Haircuts for 2013

There is nothing better than cutting your hair into short haircuts for 2013 to welcome this New Year. The very first reason why short hair is simply better is because it makes you appear in a very super cool appearance. Imagine how cool you will be with a super cool pixie short haircut like the one had by Emma Watson and Rihanna. This super haircut always nicely frames your face that you don’t even have to manage it every hour. Simply let it loose naturally and you’ll still be looking brilliant.


Karlie Short Haircut

Karlie Short Haircuts 2013

The year of 2013 witnesses one of the most popular short haircuts 2013 ever which is the Karlie haircut. This haircut is named after the supermodel introducing the haircut, Karlie Kloss. What’s so special about this haircut anyway? It’s simply modest and magnificent. It’s easy to recognize from its messy wavy especially at the end of the hair. It is in chin length so it’s perfect for anyone with round or mini oval facial shape. Combine it with short side ponytails to give more angles to your face.

Side Away Bob

Short Bob Haircuts for 2013

Are you a person with oval face and starting to get bore with your medium or long hairstyles? Well, you’d better start consider cutting your hair into side away bob. This haircut is going to be one of the top haircuts 2013 that looks elegantly beautiful. Not to forget, it also looks so modest where you can add more volume to get fuller effect. You can also modify this cut by mixing graduated bob effect so your face will be appearing more significant. And yes! You can color your hair too with any most popular hair colors 2013 including dark sexy red, brunette or light brown.

Once you have done your homework, it will be only a matter of time until you find yourself so attractive. Just prepare some basic hair tools to create certain details for your new short haircut.