Short Hairstyles 2013

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short hairstyles 2013 Short Hairstyles 2013

Short Hairstyles 2013

To answer which hairstyles will be popular next year, the short hairstyles 2013 will certainly be included in the list. Why short anyway? If you have ever notice how attractive Meg Ryan or Paris Hilton is with their short hair, you certainly don’t want to think twice to imitate their style. For the first reason, this cut is simple. It provides fresh look and it suits any ages. For another reason, it gives you ease since it requires less hair treatment. So, let me give you more insights in 2013 trend in short haircut.

Pixie Short Haircut

Pixie Short Haircuts 2013 Short Hairstyles 2013

Pixie Short Haircut Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos – Contact (1-866-551-7827)

To see how adorable this haircut is, you can take a look at Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow. Those two celebs have had pixie as their favorite preference. This cut works great for women with naturally thick and wavy hair. It also works for fine straight hair. If you have square, oval or heart-shaped face, this cut is recommended. However, this should be avoided in the first place for anyone having a long face since it can make the face appears longer, and this is not a good option.

The Pompadour

Pompadour Hairstyles 2013 Short Hairstyles 2013

Pompadour Hairstyles 2013

Have you ever heard of this cut? Pompadour is also known as fauxhawk which features shaved sides accented with puffy teased top. You can see the exact look at Pink or Miley Cyrus. So, how do you know this will suit you? Well, it can work for any kinds of faces indeed as long as you have the guts to get this distinct haircut.

The Simple Bob

Simple Bob Hairstyles 2013 Short Hairstyles 2013

Simple Bob Hairstyles 2013

Classic short haircut is never run out of fans. Known as Bob, this cut will look so nice for anyone with nice jawline. People with round face will love it as well. It just simply makes the face adorable and fresh. It works great for thin to medium straight hair. But, it won’t work at all for curly hair.

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