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Stylish Cute Short Layered Hairstyles

If you wish to cut your hair short, consider going for one of cute short layered hairstyles. There are many short cuts, but finding one that suits your preferences might not be that easy. If you’re into cute look, cute layered styles could be a great choice. It usually emphasizes delicate and feminine features such as nape, neck and also face boldly revealed. That is why women who wear this kind of cut mostly bold and confident women. Get the inspiration you need from the styles described below.

Slight Incline
Slight incline or slightly angled bob help frame your face very well. Just with a bit of graduation cut in the back, you’ll get a gorgeous curved and feminine shape. You can look great with this look regardless the type of face shape you have. Even so, only women with medium to fine hair texture could pull of this style. To make your hair appear voluminous, you can add some highlights to the hair surface with graduation cuts. Light colors could make thing look bigger while dark colors could make things look smaller. By leaving your hair underneath the surface dark, the contrast from the lighter highlights could make your hair look voluminous.

Textured Asymmetry
Asymmetry bob cut with texture makes the look more trendy and fun. This can be achieved by cutting the side in slightly angled while the other side is angled quite steep. Women with all kinds of face shapes, especially those with medium hair would look stunning with this style. But if you have fine texture, this look might not be suitable for you.

Short Shag
Short shag is a short cut with heavy layers that give plenty of texture. You’ll love how the bangs is not layered like the rest of the hair and kept long instead. This keeps the result balanced, which makes it shaggy yet modern. All types of hair and all face shapes can look stunning with this particular style.

Hidden Stack
If you don’t like to have a stack of short length hair but you want a voluminous texture that raise graduation cut creates, then hidden stack style is perfect for you. You simply need to have graduate cut on the back of your head and leave the hair on the top longer so it would cover the hair stacks. All kinds of face shape with medium hair texture would look excellent with it. If you wish to remove some of the weight yet don’t like to have too much layers, just ad layers on the bottom and leave the top part disconnected.

High Profile
It can be achieved by cutting the back in graduation shape. That way, it would build weight at occipital bone, which creates a lovely profile. You’ll love the curves and love how it shows off your nape area. It looks best on women with oval face shape, especially those with medium to fine hair. Even so, the bangs make it wearable for women with longer face.

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