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The Most Appealing Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Hair style is one of the most crucial parts of our appearance. If we carelessly choose the wrong cut and style, or we made wrong decision in the color, everything can be disastrous. If you want to avoid such thing, it is better to see several examples that you like first. One of the easiest ways is to gather up celebrity hairstyles and then take those pictures to your hairstylist. There are plenty of celebrity hairstyles 2012 examples that you can choose and have – whether you want to have medium length, short and crop cut, or the long ones.

The Long Hair


Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Blake Lively Long Hair

Several celebrities’ hairstyles can be great examples when you visit your hair stylist. For example, the Blake Lively hair is a great option if you are not a very neat person. It’s called the messy tousled and it can be very sexy and appealing. You simply let it dry naturally and while it is half wet and dry, run your fingers through your hair gently. It will create such messy wavy texture that would make you look great the whole day. Blonde, strawberry blonde, or even auburn can be your color option. You can also choose the hair style from Kelly Rowland. Her black hair looks very smooth and feminine with its soft curls on the end. If you want to achieve such style, be sure that your hair is almost dry when you curl it up. If you try to avoid the heat from the curling iron, simply apply the pressure for a while so it will create soft curl in the end. For your upper crown, you simply brush it straight. The hair style from Amy Childs is almost the same as Rowland, but your upper crown is messier. To create such effect, don’t use brush to comb your upper hair, but use your fingers instead.

The Medium Hair


Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Nicky Minaj Medium Hair

If you like a little bit of challenge, Nicky Minaj’s hairstyle can be an example. Her medium length hair is being curled with pink color option. Of course, if you are not up for the challenge, you can still keep your natural color and imitate the cutting style only. This cut is certainly suitable for those with thin and soft hair, so it will make their hair thicker and fuller. You can also try hair style from Rihanna with full wavy style. If you like big hair, this style is perfect for you. But if you want to keep everything simple, cut your hair in layered style and you can add bangs, if you want to.

The Short and Crop Cut


Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Emma Watson Crop Cut

The pixie style is being popularized by Emma Watson and Keira Knightley. While Watson is fully incorporating shirt crop with sideways bangs, Knightley uses soft bangs. For overall result, Knightley has more feminine cut while Watson comes with her androgyny style.

You can really choose the styles you like from those examples. Of course, there are more to choose so be sure to gather up the photos of hair styles you like and show them to your stylist.

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