The Trends in Long Hairstyles 2013

In the less than three months we will enter the New Year 2013. As everything else in the fashion industry the trend in hairstyles is also changing in relation with the New Year. Most fashion enthusiasts predict that the hairstyles trend in 2013 will be dominated with short hairstyles. This is indicated with the number of high profile celebrities who are sporting the hairstyle in the recent months.

Long Hairstyles 2013

However, despite the raise of short hairstyles in the fashion stage there is still (or always) room for more conventional beauty, the long hairstyles. Long locks hairstyles are the classic idea of beauty, in which women embrace their feminine side to the fullest. While the long hair might need more time and effort to maintain, the effect it gives to your overall appearance is just priceless.

In general most men also prefer girl with long hair as they find them attractively feminine and dazzling. So even if the short hairstyles will be going to be the trend on the next year, the long hairstyles 2013will never be run out of admirer.


Why Long Hairstyles?

Long Hairstyles 2013

If you are still wondering why you should choose long hairstyles compare to the hot and hippy short hairstyles here we will give you some reasons for you to think for. Firstly long hairstyles have been the first choice hairstyles for ages. With the hairstyles able to survive the gruesome test of time and still regarded as the standard for beauty assessment, there must be some values really good about that.

You might think it as a bit too philosophical or too conventional but when people see women with beautiful long hair they see them as a feminine person with the ability to take care themselves. Men naturally see women with long hair as ideal partner because they are giving impression as a patient and tolerant person, and that’s make long-haired women attractive.

Furthermore another reason that makes the long hairstyles always looks attractive is its ability to complement the overall appearance of a woman. It can give women the luxurious look, glamorous look, or even innocent look depend on the way you are applying it. The simplest example on why long hair never really out of favor is the beauty pageant. Whenever you see world class beauty pageant, you will see that most of the participant and the winner have long lock.

Variation of long hair

There are a lot of variations of long hairstyles, almost hundreds considering its very long history. However today we will only explain two particular long hairstyles that will still be trendy in the New Year 2013:

  • Long Hair Up do: This kind of hairstyles back in the fashion stage after Sarah Palin make it popular in last president election campaign. The hairstyle is really versatile and sophisticated as well as able to complement the style of women with sleek personality.
  • The Long Curly or Straightened Look: For a more laid back or sexy look you can try the long curly or straightened look.