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Top Stylish Medium Hairstyles for Women

Best Medium Hairstyles for Women

When choosing a style for round face shape, you should go for a medium haircut that could thin out the roundness of your face while accentuating your lips, eyes and cheekbones. There are plenty of medium cuts for round faces that are fun and versatile, and great when worn with just about any style and texture. Below are some of the beautiful cuts and styles that complement round face shapes.

Medium Layered

Medium layered is an excellent cut for people with straight, thick, fine to medium hair. To style it, you need to apply some styling crème then blow it dry using your fingers. Smooth it with a blow dryer and a big paddle or round brush to create bend to the ends. Afterwards, apply hairspray to add texture and hold it to finish. Smooth it out using a dryer and a big round brush then set the ends using a curling iron to make sure the style would hold.

Shaggy Shoulder Length

This style is a perfect for women with round face shape and fine to medium hair. This style would work with nearly any hair texture and face shape as well. To style it, you first need to towel dry your hair and comb your hair out straight. Apply some thickening spray and blow it dry using a paddle brush and your fingers to keep your hair really straight. Finish it with a hairspray of your choice. You may also use flat iron to keep the sleekness of the style.

Wispy Shoulder Length

This style is also great for women with a round face with fine to medium hairstyles. It would also look great with just about any hair texture and face shape. To style it, dry your hair using a towel and apply some styling thickening spray before blow drying it with a paddle brush. After you it’s no longer damp, smooth it using a blow dryer and a big round brush. Finally, flat iron it and apply hairspray to hold the style and texture.

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