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Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles

People are following Vanessa Hudgens hairstyles for the obvious reasons. The adorable actress and singer is always sporting beautiful and well styled hairdo that make her look even more lovable and gorgeous. That is with no exception to her current dark brunette short hairdo the actress proudly wears to some red-carpet events and other photo sessions. The former teenage star looks very fresh and edgy when she is sporting the short haircut, compared to the more elegant and feminine long haircut. While few fashion critics and experts judge that the former high school musical series is better off with her longer hair, we beg to differ as some hairstyle change is necessary to refresh the image of the celebrity and to ease her transformation from TV series darling into mature movie star and singer.

How Looks like

Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles 2012

The short hairstyle that is currently sporting by Vanessa Hudgens is actually quite simple and easy to apply. The point of the hairdo is to frame her long face with the dark brunette hairdo cut sit at the jaw line while the rest are left out showing healthy amount of layers and waves. The positive point of this hairstyle in term of maintenance is that it’s quite easy to manage, especially for Vanessa Hudgens. The cute actress has natural thick hair complemented by natural waves which make it effortless for her to appear beautifully with the hairstyles. Minimal effort is needed to keep the haircut desirable, which is by trimming the hair regularly to maintain the tidy and healthy feel and look.

The Effect to Her Image

Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles 2013

At it is mentioned before, in our opinion the drastic hairstyle change for celebrity is sometime needed to refresh their image or to revive their career with a new look. For an actress like Vanessa Hudgens there is another reason to make drastic hairstyle change which is to give impression to the media and her fans that the actress ready to be taken seriously in her respective field, especially when the movie scenario telling her to get a particular image. The change of celebrity hairstyles can also be used to attract attention as means of promotion for his/her project such as new movies, album, TV series and so on. In this case the hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens has done its job. It’s true that the attentions the beautiful multitalented actress gets from its new hairstyle are not entirely positive, but any attention is still considered good promotion, isn’t it?

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