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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham hairstyles have always been followed by many fashion expert and enthusiasts as it offer great example of impeccable style and flawless cut hairstyle. The “Posh”, Victoria Beckham nickname since the singer time at the British super girl group “Spice Girl”, has always been the center of attention since marrying the world’s football superstar David Beckham with her news and photo always been hunted and demanded by various media. The Posh’s choice of style had always been noticed especially her choice of hairstyle. One of her best and memorable haircut is the “Poshbob” or also called in short as “Pob”.

What is Poshbob?

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles 2012

The hairstyle of Mrs. Beckham has been stealing the spotlight for such a long time that it is earned its own name, the “Poshbob” or simply “Pob”, rather than the usual Bob. Among other celebrity hairstyles, this one particular hairstyle is really popular with many teenager and mature women as the hairstyle offers chic, elegant and fresh look at the same time. The look of Victoria Beckham’s bob is simple yet elegant and very fashionable among many other celebrities. It has short haircut in the back while the front hair hits the chin to give more dramatic effect.

How to get the PoshBob Look

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles 2013

To get the perfect Poshbob it is recommended for you to get the professional to get it done for you. However if you insist to try it yourself at home, here we will provide you some simple steps to get the look:

  • Comb on clean wet hair and smooth it flat against the head then section the back hair from ear to ear
  • Make a clean straight line by following the natural jaw line on each side of the hair to get the basic bob shape
  • Make the layers by taking one inch section in the back center hair and cut it at approximately 45 degree angle following natural shape of the head.
  • Do the layers from the back of right ear to the left until you reach the left ear. After this step finished you will have the poshbob layers.
  • The next step is to make the hair at the back connect with the front by making it neat and shipshape. Section down the middle part of the hair after you takes the head’s top shorter piece.
  • Add the flair by using razor or texturizing shear, and get the Victoria Beckham’s poshbob look.

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